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The man happens to have been hired by Alexis' cousin, Sable Colby who was looking for some embarrassing information on her ex-husband Jason.

She is less than thrilled to hear that Cristal is pregnant. I really tried to do my absolute best. But during the wedding celebration which takes place in the 15 May season finale " Royal Wedding ", terrorists interrupt the ceremony in Cklby attempt to kill Galen and spray the chapel with gunfire, leaving the entire wedding party seemingly dead or dying on the floor. Eex, he grabs her by the throat and starts to strangle her.

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I will make you proud, my love. What we like is that we know when she's coming. Once the inspection is complete, it's time to test Bunny's endurance. She flies to Australia and encourages Blake's brother Ben to come back in Denver and claim his wievs of his late father's estate.

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In " Crazy Lady ", after baby L. And while she says she's back for her children, with Alexis you always have to wonder if what she says is true.

Lance Hart invites her in, and she quickly has her way with him. So by the time she actually enters the series, we've established expectations about her character—which Alexis will happily break. Adam unveils Alexis's new face at a masquerade party in " Life is a Masquerade Party ", but Alexis is met with shock and horror from the entire family, particularly Fallon.

Sliding his fingertips lower, Jake feels the moistness of Bunny's snatch. I have had a lifelong interest and passion in the discipline my preferred euphamism of young ladies and this forms the basis of my books.

Ben rescues a trapped Blake moments before the rig explodes. Their fight soon turns to lovemaking. Enter Naughty America today and watch Bunny Colby porn videos! She's been recruited to her sadistic step-brother's department in the FBI, spending most of her days eex Seth's bullying and pushing paper.

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He relents and tells Bunny that he'll be there in an hour. However, Jeremy is actually working for Naughhy international consortium who has its eye on ColbyCo.

Alexis gives Hank a painting to use as collateral until she can get him the money owed. As the sixth season began, Collins was in a tense contract renegotiation with the show, seeking an increased salary. He mentions that Sable is pregnant, much to her chagrin. Season 8[ edit ] A handsome stranger saves Alexis from drowning in a river in ; dashing Sean Rowan soon sweeps her off her feet and they marry. After she takes a shower, Bunny settles in on the couch and lets Jake know that she's dripping wet.

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That's plenty of blowjobs, pussy-eating, doggystyle positions, and more! Sharing is caring, so I hope you guys like the video, too! Original series[ edit ] Development and casting[ edit ] In the first season finale episode, " The Testimony ", Blake Carrington is on trial for murder, and a female mystery witness in a large hat and veil appears. She remains turned around as she climbs off of Jake's hardon and scoots backward to ride his face. By the time Charlotte is ready to take a break, Agent Seth Gamble is waiting to wiives her outside of her warehouse.

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Ultimately, it is feal that 8-year-old Fallon had shot Grimes after finding him beating Alexis, and Blake's late father had hidden the body in a mine under the lake to protect Fallon. I was flattered they asked me, and I hope that once the fans see more, they'll embrace it. Bunny Colby - Registered Strapon Offender Bunny Colby is a registered sex offender and has to knock on her neighbors's doors to tell them that she lives in their neighborhood. In " A Real Instinct for the Jugular ", Fallon includes Alexis in her wedding planning, but soon discovers her mother has ulterior motives.

Realizing that Jeff will "recover" when he's not breathing toxic fumes every day, Adam confesses to Alexis, who orders Adam to have the paint removed from Jeff's office.

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Seeing an opportunity for a stiff fuck session, Edyn brings him in and lets Calvin admire her most prized asset. I miss the days. And that's the way they are now on television: you have your traditional villain, and I think that plays to a different denominator. At odds with his father, Steven is drawn to the mother he hardly remembers; Fallon, however, is devoted to Blake and has long held a grudge against Alexis, a grudge further fueled by her testimony. How could she do that to me??

She held a dude down and had her way with him with her strap-on.

Later, inshe becomes romantically involved with Farnsworth "Dex" Dexterthe son of a Denver-Carrington board member Sam Dexter, an old friend of Blake Carrington's. When Bunny is ready for more, she ditches the last of her clothes and climbs on top of Jake to slide his fuck stick home into her hairy pussy. Carrington all too well—especially longtime Carrington majordomo Joseph Anders.