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I've been making chainmail as a hobby for the past several years and am waiting for people who enjoy doing the same or are interested in learning, if so just shoot me an e-mail if your interested. Looking as long as the ad is up, let's do this men. I'm seeking for someone who would want to hang out have some drinks in occasion and have that extra special fun added to the mix.

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It doesn't detract from your more intelligent or serious traits. If you mess up, ask yourself how a confident person would react if they did that? This slowly builds up your confidence and ability to be spontaneous.

How to be more fun

Rest — so you can stay fun You can only push yourself so far. Fun people are good at convincing us to let loose a little more. If you were to go to, say, a staff party, the more fun people would be making the rounds talking to their co-workers, joking cun, maybe dancing, and generally having a good time.

You gun to shelve the more sober parts of yourself and temporarily regress to a goofier, freer side of your personality. Talk about mutual interests you all have.

When you bring passion into a conversation, it can shift the energy in the room toward you, both audibly — with laughter and a stronger voice. They'll end up chatting to some new people.

Take things a little further than you normally would This point is closely related to some of the ones above. Don't fhn a downer When people are having fun they're sensitive to anything that may bring down their mood.

21 tips to be more fun and less boring to be around

Answer by Nelson Wangfounder of ceolifestyle. Be positive Being positive is a decision, no different than a decision to eat more greens or spend less time on the phone.

If you can be more fun they'll enjoy being around you more. Fun people are also usually pretty good at 'stock' having fun skills like dancing and playing pub vun drinking games.

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That can al that you would rather be somewhere else. I peopke shy, awkward, and lonely until my mid-twenties and created this site to be the kind of guide I wish I'd had at the time.

Or where they would live in the world if they could pick up and move there today. There are other reasonable ways you could describe such people.

Free training: "how to double your social confidence in 5 minutes"

It's so embarrassing. If you go too far, you can come off as insensitive, or make people uncomfortable.

When people build a real relationship with you, they'll be more likely to open up to you more and having fun will happen much more naturally and easily. A small mistake can make you more human and likable.

These are often the things we take for granted: Being healthy, safe, having a close family or a good friend, enjoying nature or a Anh movie. Physical gags with funny faces or body movements? Take that startup job.

Don't see having fun as immature or beneath you Some less fun people pekple be that way because they see the very idea of having a good time as base and puerile. Learn some tips on how to be witty.

7 habits that will make you a more fun person to be around

Bring new friends or friend-groups together doing something everyone can enjoy — bowling, theme parks, ultimate frisbee, soccer, game night. You don't flake.

Be subtle about it. Instantly beat self-consciousness with the "OFC-method" See how you can go "from boring to bonding" in less than 7 words. If you decide you don't care about whether you're fun or not in a certain way, Aby carry on acting how you'd like. Wherever you are, don't just hang back and do nothing If there's one thing that identifies less fun individuals, it's that they never seem to be doing much.

Make eye contact, put away your phone, and make people around you feel important.

1. practice being relaxed around people

A self-deprecating joke can also make you more relatable. You can only do that if you are comfortable with yourself.

In some cases, that chat turns into a real friendship. No one worries about taking care of you when you drink.